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This is Arnold Boar

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Eating his dog food from a spoon. 

Arnold Statistics

Weight: 495-lbs.
Age: 13 years
Height: 2-1/2 ft.
Length: 5-1/2 ft.
Favorite foods: peanuts, oranges, apples.
Favorite beverages: Gatorade, Pepsi or any available soda.
Likes: cats and people who feed him candy.
Dislikes: dogs and people who won't feed him candy.
Unusual talents: chews gum, drinks soda from a cup; eats dog food from off of a spoon.

Heroes: "Farmer Hoggett" (from Babe), Arnold (of course!) Schwarzenegger.
Arnold's Ambition: To meet Hannibal author Tom Harris and tell him that wild boars aren't that bad after all!

Arnold does read his email, but may take some time getting back to you.